Solitaire free online

It is believed that the free Solitaire is one of the oldest of the widely sought today. The rules are not so complicated, the solitaire does not require long thoughts. Which explains its popularity around the world.  


The standard deck of 52 cards is involved in the deal. All 13 cards of each suit are involved. It consists of 7 piles, in which there are from one to seven cards with an open top card. Thus, their total number is 28 cards, and the remaining 24 are in the reserve, which is located to the left of the row.  

At the bottom left there are foundations 4 empty cells. They are in pairs with colours. Aces are automatically placed in the foundations opened in the row and in the reserve.  

You need to collect the sequences of the corresponding suits from 2 to King on all the Aces in descending order, alternating colours.  

When there is no face-up cards left on a pile, the top face-down card is turned up and becomes available.   

It is also allowed to move sequences, observing the same rule concerning the initial card. Only King or a sequence assembled on it can be moved to a cell vacated in the game row.  

As in all solitaire games, you must carefully monitor the situation and make the right moves. Attention and patience are the main components of success.  

When choosing between alternative options, give preference to one in which the cell is completely free. This is especially true in situations where King or the sequence collected on it closes the column. In this case, it can be moved and the card below it will open.  

Try not to put on only one suit on Aces. If such a need has arisen and you can’t put the cards evenly on Aces in any way, then try to do it in pairs. In no case strive to layout only two red or only two black suits.