Algerian Solitaire

Algerian Solitaire also known as Algerian Patience Solitaire is by far one of the most popular solitaire games in the world. This very interesting, but challenging game is a variation of the Classic Solitaire.  


On the gaming table, there are two decks of cards. To the right, there are two groups of foundations. Under them, there are two groups of game piles.

On the left foundations, you can put cards to build up piles of cards by suit from Ace to King so forth.

On the right foundations, you can collect cards from King to Ace of the same suit in descending order (the first is King, the second is Queen, and so on to Ace that will be the last).

To win, the player must collect 8 foundations, 1 for each suit from Ace to King and from King to Ace. The probability of adding solitaire is quite low, since the game is played in a double deck.

In the first group of game piles (top), you can put a card of the same suit of higher or lower value than this card. For example, on 3 of diamonds, you can put either 4 or 2 of diamonds. At the same time, you can put any card on an empty pile. You can drag only the topmost cards.

In the second group of piles (bottom), cards of any suit and any value can be taken one at a time. Click on the deck to get the next cards. Double-click on the card to send it to its place. Double-click or right-click on the playing field to send all possible cards to their places.

You can put a card of the same suit on a unit of higher value or on a unit of lower value on a card. You can put any card on an empty cell. You can only drag the top card.

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