Klondike 3 Card Solitaire

Klondike 3 Card Solitaire (Klondike solitaire turn three) game is more complicated than the usual version: the game will deal 3 cards instead of one. It will help your brain stay sharp for a long time, because you have to play, developing the most important skills concentration of attention, visual perception and memory.  

Rules Klondike Solitaire turn three

The rules are pretty simple. You have one standard deck of 52 playing cards placed face up from left to right in seven columns.

Each column on the game board contains one card more than the previous one. Thus, in the first column, there is 1 card face up. In the second - 2 cards, while one card is face up, the second is hidden and so on until 7.

The goal of Klondike 3 Card Solitaire

The goal of Klondike 3 Card Solitaire game like in most other solitaire games is to put all the cards in 4 "houses" by suit, starting with Ace, 2, 3 and so on. You can transfer open cards to each other individually or as a unit. It is important to reveal hidden cards and gradually stack them on top of each other by suit.

The main bonus is that the game gives you the reserve of the base deck only in portions of three in a group. Use them one at a time or move on to the next group. The order of available cards changes with each successful move.

The order is respected: you can overlay a card of lower value on a card of higher value. 2 can be placed on 3 and so on. The colour of the suit alternates, black is always put on red and vice versa. The cards firstly are transferred to the "house" of Aces. Kings can be moved to free spaces. If there are no productive moves left on the table, take the first of 3 cards of the base deck. You can try several times before you find a useful combination.