Crescent Solitaire

The Crescent Solitaire is also known as Chinese Solitaire is played with two standard full decks. 8 cards - Aces and Kings - are laid out in two lines in the centre of the playing field. The rest of the cards are randomly distributed in 16 piles arranged around the central pile in a crescent-shaped arc. Hence the solitaire and got its original name.  


The goal of the game is to move all the cards from the piles to the central cells. Cards are added to Kings in descending order and to Aces in ascending order. As a result, the middle rows must exchange their places.

You can put a card of the same suit per unit of greater value or per unit of lesser value. You can’t put a card in an empty cell. Only one card at a time can be moved.   

Top cards in piles can be moved not only to the centre but also to other piles. In this case, the order can be changed in any direction, but only by 1 position. That is, on 10 you can put only 9 or Jack. In this case, the suit of the cards must match. The cards do not move to the centre automatically. You need to monitor the released cards and stack them yourself.  

Success in this game depends on the skill of the player, your attention and ability to think over moves. The memory is also important. Sometimes it is necessary to build complex combinations of moves opening and closing cards in piles to get to the bottom. It is important to always remember where to put the card to continue the game.   

Go through all the options in the solitaire and only then mix the cards. If you have two identical cards, and you cannot decide which one to move, then raise each of them and see which option will be most beneficial for you.  

Try not to stack too many cards in one pile in a crescent, especially alternating groups in ascending and descending order. It will be difficult for you to sort them because they are not moved in groups, but only one by one.